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Business news has new significance

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that since the sink of the economy, viewership for business and financial news has risen, leading to the popularity of finance news and the journalists who cover it.

The story notes that national networks like CNBC, CNNMoney.com and Fox Business Network have all seen an increase in viewers since the Lehman Brothers filed for bankrupcy Sept 15, 2008.
And primarily female reporters covering the financial meltdown have gained esteem on the beat.
From the story:
“Sandra Smith, a reporter for Fox Business Network, has a less piggish take on why women reporters have stood out in the last couple of years.
‘I think females can do a very good job of showing the softer side when covering these kinds of stories,’ said Smith, who hails from Chicago. ‘I can’t tell you the number of victims I’ve talked to who have lost so much of their net worth. You can’t just treat them like their only purpose is to fulfill a story.'”

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