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Anita Lienert: Editorial director for Global Auto Systems



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Age: 56
Home: Dexter, Mich.
What I do: Editorial director for Global Auto Systems, content provider for Edmunds.com/Inside Line/News
Previous life: Detroit News auto columnist

My brand: Global news coverage with emphasis on emerging markets
Hours worked per week: 60
Annual sales: Sorry. Proprietary info.

What I wish I had known when I started:
That it really didn’t matter how much time I took off to raise my kids.
Best business advice ever received: Strike a balance between family and work.
Best marketing tool: Reputation

Biggest business mistake: Sticking with a dying newspaper for too long.
My happiness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being supremely so: Nine.
Best part of being an entrepreneur: Working with my husband.
Worst part: It’s all on our shoulders.

Biggest professional regret: Not enough formal education – B.A. only.
Advice to would-be entrepreneurs: Fight the temptation to make your work a 24/7 obsession.

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  1. Hello:

    I enjoyed the article on sudden acceleration in the Prius on the Edmunds page. Below is a commentary that I posted back in January that discusses why we should not be blithely assuming that the problem is not in the electronic control system. It’s a fairly quick read, available on:


    This posting has gotten zero play to date. However, I since read comments from other engineers regarding the general characteristics of digital controllers. Basically, if this is the problem, it is a serious one.

    Best regards,


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