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Michelle Leder: Editor, founder of footnoted.org


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Home: Peekskill, N.Y.
What I do: Mostly read and report on SEC files, but some other stuff, too.
Previous life: Reporter for daily newspapers

My brand: footnoted.org
Hours worked per week: Lots
Annual sales: Thankfully, I’m not a public company, so I don’t have to disclose this.

What I wish I had known when I started: A bit more coding
Best business advice ever received: Don’t try to be all things to all people — do what you do best.
Best marketing tool: Me

Biggest business mistake: Giving away valuable information for free — leads to expectations that it will continue to be free.
My happiness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being supremely so: Seven
Best part of being an entrepreneur: Getting to take hikes with my dog in the middle of the day.
Worst part: Working way too many hours.

Biggest professional regret: Giving away my best stuff.
Advice to would-be entrepreneurs: Find something you enjoy doing. and if it happens to be something that has the potential to make money, that’s even better.

In Training.

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