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A cheaper turkey this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving approaching, business journalists are finding ways to cover the economics of the turkey festivities.

The Phoenix Business Journal published a story Tuesday about the predicted cost of Thanksgiving dinner for Arizona families, reporting the price of dinner this year is down almost 25 percent from last year, according to the Arizona Farm Bureau.

The Journal was able to take an economic outlook on the upcoming holiday while keeping the concious consumer in mind.

Although not as impressive as the numbers in Arizona, national costs of Thanksgiving foods are also down, prompting publications across the country to run similar stories.

From Long Island’s Newsday to the Omaha World Herald in Nebraska, news outlets in many states were covering the drop in food prices.

Other publications wrote fluffier, feature pieces aimed at the tight cashed consumer.

When I picked up the Boston Globe article, “A $100 Thanksgiving meal for eight”, I was expecting at least one mention of the national Farm Bureau report. The story instead gave ideas on how to cook conservatively and cut costs.

I had a similar experience when I opened a link posted by the San Francisco Chronicle on Twitter that said, “ideas to do Thanksgiving on a budget”. The page was full of recipes and wine pairing ideas, but mentioned nothing of budgeting.

People enjoy new recipes and ideas on how to cut the costs, but many also want to know the financials and government reports that tell them whether they can cook the same meal they cooked last year, for cheaper.

During this economic downturn, everyone needs an encouraging financial report to top off that holiday cheer.

*photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lgh75/2055779099/

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