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Where will grads find journalism jobs?

Jodi Schneider

Jodi Schneider, a senior editor for American Banker in Washington who handles newsroom recruiting, predicts that jobs for new grads will be in specialty pubs and Web sites, not small-town newspapers.

In addition to understanding their niche — such as energy or politics — and multimedia, new grads need the ability “to decipher complicated information in whatever field they’re in,” she said in a session for business journalism professors during Reynolds Business Journalism Week.

“They still need to know how to be journalists. They need to know the difference between primary and secondary sources….They need to be able to ask the right kinds of questions. They need to be able to source. They need to be able to use documents well.”

“It’s not real sexy necessarily,” she said of the niche-site jobs, but it’s a way to have a job out of school and get started on a path to bigger and better jobs in media.

The traditional path of moving from smaller to bigger newspapers is less viable because few newspapers are hiring, she said.

In her previous position, Schneider was in charge of newsroom training for Congressional Quarterly.  She is also a former local business editor at the Washington Post.

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