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Archive of ‘Tracking the Economic Recovery’ workshop blog


From left: My-Ly Nguyen, business editor, Press & Sun Bulletin; Shawna Turner, business reporter, Williamsport Sun-Gazette; and Lee Miller, career columnist, New Jersey Star-Ledger.

We were in Philly Friday, Jan. 22, for a daylong workshop on “Tracking the Economic Recovery in Your Town.”

Sessions included one from Ryan Sweet, senior economist with Moody’s Economy.com,  who talked about which local economic statistics are worth following.

Sweet was joined by Melissa Preddy, who brainstormed story ideas and identified resources for local economic stories. Preddy is a blogger for BusinessJournalism.org and a former business reporter, editor and columnist for The Detroit News.

Ron Nixon, projects reporter for The New York Times, talked about ways to follow the economic-stimulus and TARP money coming out of Washington, where he is based.

On Twitter, we used the hashtag #BizJ.

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