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Morningstar.com buys Michelle Leder’s footnoted.org

Morningstar.com, the stock and mutual fund research site, has acquired footnoted.org, a site started by business reporter Michelle Leder in 2003 to report news from the footnotes in SEC filings.

Terms were not disclosed, but Leder reports on her site: “While I negotiated mightily for the keys to the Gulfstream, the corporate apartment in Paris, the company yacht, the lifetime consulting contract and, of course, a tax gross up — all crazy perks we’ve written about in various M&A deals — I came up empty handed.”

Michelle Leder

Leder has presented at Reynolds Center workshops and is slated to appear on a virtual panel of journalism entrepreneurs on Aug. 13 as part of a Webinar called, “How to Be an Entrepreneur as a Business Journalist.” A recording of her previous appearance on that panel is available here. You can read more about her and list to a podcast interview with her by clicking here.

Leder became interested in SEC filings early in her career, while writing about a small Florida bank that was engaged in aggressive accounting during the last real estate boom, according to the Morningstar release. As a reporter and editor, she spent 10 years at daily newspapers in Florida, Connecticut, and New York.

“For readers already familiar with the site, few things will change,” Leder writes on her site. “I’ll continue to run things from footnoted world headquarters in Peekskill, N.Y., as an employee of Morningstar, and there will be more of the same great content regular readers have come to expect.

“One small change will be that in the near future, footnoted.org will become footnoted.com….In addition, some of footnoted’s content will appear on Morningstar.com, exposing their loyal audience of avid investors to the footnoted brand.”

Leder also indicates she will be hiring to expand her business as a result of Morningstar’s acquisition of it.

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