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Black Enterprise Business Report talks with XEROX CEO Ursula Burns

This is a case when a magazine is turning out a very different magazine – a TV magazine.

Black Enterprise magazine weekly video magazine shows how multimedia can help augment print work and drive sales and viewers and help bring a feature subject to life.
Ursula Burns, CEO of XEROX Corp.
This week’s interview with Ursula Burns, CEO of XEROX Corp. shows how helpful it is when the interviewer picks a powerful, interesting subject.

“One of the things I was blessed with is I’ve worked my entire adult life in the same company,” says Burns who rose through the engineering ranks at XEROX. It all began in 1980 when a 19-year-old Ursula Burns walked through the doors at XEROX Corp. to work as a summer intern.

In July 2009, her prowess and performance led to a headline-grabbing milestone: Burns was installed as Xerox’s chief executive officer, becoming the first African American woman to take the helm of one of the nation’s largest publicly traded companies.

Burns spoke exclusively with Sonia Alleyne, editorial director at Black Enterprise.

Black Enterprise Business Report, hosted by Caroline Clarke, is a syndicated television series that focuses on African American financial and personal empowerment. Launched in June 2007, the show is produced in collaboration with Chicago-based Central City Productions (CCP). The weekly, half-hour series provides minority business coverage, investment tips, career guidance, personal finance advice, entrepreneur profiles, stock market updates, and lifestyle information to viewers across the country.

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