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Split summer: Phoenix Business Journal and Reynolds Center

Sarah Macdonald Kai Ryssdal

Reynolds intern Sarah Macdonald (right) interviews Kai Ryssdal (left)

My summer as an intern with the Phoenix Business Journal and Reynolds Center started earlier than most

… And it has been an interesting eight weeks.

I’m a Phoenix native, so no moving or adjusting to a new place was required. But working in business is a jump for me.

I’ve covered politics and pubic safety, but business is different than both. I’ve learned more here than in other jobs. I am now more fluent in the language of solar energy, due to an interview with Lane Garrett, CEO of two local solar engineering and distribution companies.

I interviewed Andrew Thomas, Buz Mills and the man who co-invented covered coronary stents, Dr. Richard Heuser. I got to interview Kai Ryssdal in person and put a face to the voice I hear every night at six. And I talked to Kim Quillen, business editor for the Times-Picayune, who has seen her share of crisis coverage.

It’s been a busy few weeks, but I’ve quite enjoyed them. We’ll see what the final two will bring.

In ASU Biz Journalism.

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