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Co-working trend: From the streets to the newsroom

Coworking space

This coworking space was provided by osmosoft. Photo by Flickr user psd.

The extreme heat rolled into New York City last week and with it came the reminder that the remaining weeks of my internship are running thin.

Before the extreme heat made it almost impossible to lug my camera and tripod around the New York City subway system, I covered a story that got me thinking about the future of the business environment.

When I read about the growing trend of co-working communities, I knew it would be a fun video to do for the business news site I’m working for. Little did I know, it would also help to open new doors in my own creative process.

Sunshine Suites in New York City is one of many co-working communities in cities across the country that offer more than office space to their members. Entrepreneurs I interviewed said they prefer the community a co-working environment offers over working at home or in a rented office space. They enjoy being surrounded by other start-up CEO’s with whom they can collaborate or turn to for advice.

The following week while I was slaving over a BP timeline I had pushed my producer to let me do, I decided to ask for some help from my very talented co-workers.

I have never been one to shy away from admitting my weaknesses and asking for advice, but this time was a bit different. I didn’t feel so protective of my BP package but instead realized that for it to be the best it could be, I would feel all right about putting two names on the byline.

It didn’t really come down to that – I created the package almost completely by myself. But being able to make the shift in my comfort level over co-creating was a small maturation for me inspired by a simple story.

Now that’s what I call getting inspired by your stories.

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