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Finding stories of sustainability in your inbox


Planet Profit Report from ColoradoBiz magazine strives to cover the new energy economy.

In my ever-jammed inbox last week another e-newsletter lurked. I’ll admit freely that my typical response to these is a quick scan followed by a prompt delete. Unless a headline or snazzy graphic catches my attention fast, those messages usually end up in my trash.

Most journalists, I’m guessing, can relate to this system. But occasionally, there are some messages that would serve us well if we stopped, took a few extra minutes and read them fully.

This newsletter had an item on a renewable energy research project developed at the University of Nevada, Reno and another about an influx of applications to build solar plants in Arizona. Each piece was newsy and got me thinking about the variety of story ideas that could be generated off these topics. The few moments I spent reading was definitely worth it.

This weekly e-newsletter is called “Planet Profit Report” and its mission is to cover the business of sustainability in the West. Initially, it began as a quarterly publication in ColoradoBiz magazine three years ago, but now its striving to cover the “new energy economy” on a more frequent basis. The publication began expanding and has been landing in inboxes since July.

Mike Cote is the editor of ColoradoBiz magazine and Planet Profit Report

Mike Cote, the editor of  ColoradoBiz magazine and “Planet Profit Report,” was a recent fellow during the Reynolds Center’s Covering the Green Economy conference in June. Turns out, he added my name to the mailing list. Works for me. This is one list I’ll happily stay on.

Cote shared a few more details about the publication via e-mail:

“We believe sustainability issues – including the conflict between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, how corporations are adopting sustainabilty practices, and the growth of the green building movement – will continue to have major impacts on business opportunties and how businesses must conduct themselves. Our mission is to report these changes and show business how they can benefit from them. We’ll do that from correspondents in various Western states as well as from guest contributors from the industry and research universities.”

Intrigued? Learn more about “Planet Profit Report” or sign up and start getting the newsletter delivered to your inbox.

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