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A database of green biz innovations packed with story ideas

A photo of a flying wind turbine developed by one of the innovators featured on WWF's "Green game-changers" site.

The WWF is using a crowdsourcing approach for its “Green game-changers,” an initiative that will establish a database to track innovation in environmentally focused products and businesses. The organization hopes that building a bank of those at the forefront of sustainability will inspire others to follow the same path.

“We believe the business community will provide a lot of the solutions to help us move towards a sustainable future,” said Dax Lovegrove, head of WWF’s business and industry relations, in a press release. “In the face of escalating climate change and an ecological recession, businesses will need to innovate more to build resilience and maximize on opportunities.”

The initiative doesn’t officially kick off until next week, according to this article from BusinessGreen.com, but there’s already a bank of companies listed that are worth checking out. This project definitely has the potential to morph into an inspiration board for a slew story ideas.

So far on the list is a company called Xeros, which is developing washing machines that use 90 percent less water than standard models and also Magenn Power and Makani Power, which are behind the concept of flying wind turbines.

In Story ideas.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WWF = World Wildlife Foundation

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