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Procter & Gamble gets serious about sustainability

Procter & Gamble products

A sampling of Procter & Gamble products. In its new sustainability initiative, the company is striving to use recycled materials for all products and packaging.

The largest consumer packaged goods company in the world has committed itself to sustainability through a new series of environmental goals.

Procter & Gamble announced a fresh long-term vision this week, an effort that would transform the company’s products and operations.

The initiatives include long-term goals like using 100 percent renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging and powering plants with 100 percent renewable energy.

Check out this video of Len Sauers, P&G’s vice president of global sustainability, on the company’s new vision.

These goals go beyond the simple effort of a workplace recycling campaign. If the company meets these initiatives, it will radically change P&G’s global footprint, which is no small feat. And it may influence how other mega companies operate.

Here are a few more of the company’s long-term sustainability goals:

  • Emitting no fossil-based CO2 or toxic emissions
  • Delivering effluent water quality that is as good as or better than influent water quality with no contribution to water scarcity
  • Having zero manufacturing waste go to landfills
  • Having zero consumer waste go to landfills
  • Designing products to delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources

These are big-time goals, which will take years, even decades, to implement company-wide. First up are the 10-year goals, which include reducing product packaging and increasing renewable energy for running operations. If you want a good overview of P&G’s plans, this Associated Press piece will give you all the basics.

There’s lots of story angles to pursue from this news. How will the company’s plans impact the plastics industry? Just think of the business winners and losers both nationally and locally and you’re bound to find some good leads.

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