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Getting out of the office leads LAT reporter to light side of credit crisis

Wall Street epicharmus

Los Angeles Times reporter Nathaniel Popper advises to get out of the office, whether your beat is Main Street or Wall Street, as pictured here by Flickr user epicharmus.

Nathaniel Popper, the New York business correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, writes about a New York museum with an ever-expanding exhibit on the credit crisis. The story says:

“After Wall Street was shaken to within an inch of its life in 2008, the curators of the Museum of American Finance decided to add a section explaining what happened. The modest display featured panels depicting the greed and blunders leading up to the government’s $700-billion bailout of the financial industry.

That was in March 2009, just after the government took a controlling stake in Citigroup. But the controversies kept coming — General Motors and Chrysler went bankrupt, the leaders of the Galleon Group hedge fund were arrested, Greece almost went broke — and so new panels were added to keep up.

Soon enough, a display on entrepreneurs had to be moved so that the crisis panels could snake their way along the entire front wall of the museum.”

Today’s Tip: Pound the pavement and be alert to the anecdote that illustrates something larger, Nathaniel says.

Nathaniel Popper, New York reporter for the Los Angeles Times

Nathaniel Popper

“I occasionally go down [to Wall Street] just to see if I notice anything – and to see how the local economy is doing down there,” Nathaniel says. “I went into the museum to ask about what they have been seeing. While I was in there, the woman I was speaking to showed me around and pointed out their display on the crisis – she mentioned the funny details of how they have tried to keep up with the crisis.”

He says the story offered a funny tale that helped illustrate the very serious financial crisis.

“It was a fun one to write,” he says.

Don’t let the pending colder temperatures keep you inside.

As reporters from The Buffalo News, Wall Street Journal and Fort Myers News-Press have said in previous posts, getting out is the best way to see what’s happening in your town, find consumer stories and sniff out people flying under the radar.

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