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Writing Business News for the Web: Self-guided training

Dec. 2010: The free webinar, “Writing Business News for the Web,” was originally held Dec. 1-2.

The recorded sessions for this training are no longer available, however the PowerPoints and handouts may still be downloaded.

Please visit the Feb. 2010 version of “Writing Business News for the Web” for full access to archived materials.

Both sessions will help writers and editors write with clarity, efficiency, brevity and transparency. Participants will study story approaches and language use that enhance the readability of Web copy.

Jacqui BanaszynskiYOUR INSTRUCTOR

Pulitzer Prize-winner Jacqui Banaszynski offers tips on how to write complex, breaking business news stories for the Web. Banaszynski, the Knight Chair in Editing at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, is a regular presenter at APME NewsTrain and the National Writers Workshops.

She has taught at American Press Institute, the University of Kansas and the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, and has served as a Pulitzer juror.


In two one-hour sessions, Banaszynski will reground reporters, writers and editors in the fundamentals of writing fast-breaking news for a fast-reading audience.

DAY 1: Deadline writing basics for fast-breaking business news online

Topics covered:

  • How we read online. What studies and experience show.
  • Core principles of deadline writing for the Web: clarity, efficiency, brevity and transparency
  • Specific writing techniques – including sentence construction, word use, punctuation, attribution, quotes and more.
  • Some specific consideration of business-related writing issues, such as jargon, titles, use of numbers and explanation of terms.

DAY 2: Going fast and going deep: How to plan for layered coverage that helps organize your reporting and writing online

Topics covered:

  • Fast-and-deep reporting plan I: The Wall Street Journal stakeholder wheel
  • Fast-and-deep reporting plan II: Deconstructing a story by topics and audience
  • Web-based story structures to help your reporting and writing
  • Inverted pyramid for the digital age
  • News “totem”
  • Modified Wall Street Journal story structure
  • Mainbars, sidebars and links in a multimedia world


Take a look through the session recording and resource below. At your own pace, you can walk through the self-guided lesson on how to post fast-breaking news while handling complex information.

Another version of this Webinar was presented in April 2010.

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