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Journalist-scientist hopes to launch citizen science reporting site

Still looking for places to make end-of-year donations? Or perhaps a journalism project to either get behind or use as a model for your own beat? (Not that we’re endorsing.. just sharing info about a new investigative reporting site.)

BetterBio is an investigative project founded by Khadijah Britton, a journalist, lawyer and public health masters candidate at Boston University.
Britton, who considers herself a writer first, has expertise in patent law, biologic economics, biodiversity and the health and safety implications of biotechnology research.

“I did not grow up dreaming to one day wear a lab coat,” she says on a page dedicated to finding funding for the site’s launch. Britton is using the non-profit community site Indiegogo to solicit a goal of $30,000.

What will her team do with the money?

Britton says they will provide the forum and tools for in-depth, investigative biotechnology reporting and analysis, empowering communities to discuss, dissect and analyze the economic, environmental and cultural effects of the biotech industry.

On the Indiegogo pledge page, she says:

“By more directly connecting the boardroom and the research lab to national discussion of bio-innovations, BetterBio will tell biotechnology stories that would not otherwise be told to audiences that would not otherwise be considered. We are determined to create the forum and tools – all you have to do is show up.”

Where BetterBio is using a non-profit model to launch a full investigative reporting site, Spot.Us also continues to solicit funds from people interested in investigative journalism.  Spot.Us is a site where individuals can donate to help fund stories on a per-story basis.

Connecticut Health Investigative TeamEarly in December, we reported (Connecticut health reporters launch non-profit investigative news site) on a couple of former newspaper health reporters launching Connecticut Health Investigative Team (C-HIT) which is dedicated to in-depth reporting on health and safety issues.

And again, we are not endorsing or recommending that you donate to any of these efforts, but we do think they represent an interesting time in journalism and all are worth checking out.

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