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Watch live and get the stories behind this year’s Barlett & Steele winners

Barlett and Steele

Don Barlett and Jim Steele talk about investigative business journalism at the 2010 Reynolds Business Journalism Week.

LIVE stream of award ceremony: VIDEO link

This year’s winners of the Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism highlighted shady practices in the medical arena.

From a piece that exposed a giant health insurer who targeted policyholders recently diagnosed with breast cancer to a series that uncovered conflicts of interest that can compromise a doctor’s judgment, the journalists who grabbed the 2010 gold and silver awards are examples of business journalism at its best.

This afternoon, we’ll hear the stories behind the award-winning investigative pieces from Murray Waas, a freelance reporter who grabbed this year’s gold award for his story “Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Dropped by Insurer,” and silver-winner John Fauber, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter whose dogged reporting produced a series of stores, “Side Effects: Money, Medicine and Patients.

And you’re invited to follow along with us. We’ll have live video beginning today at noon of the panel discussion, which features a conversation with this year’s winners and Jim Steele. The group will talk about today’s investigative business journalist and offer advice on pursuing your own in-depth stories.

To get you excited for this afternoon’s event, check out this video piece on this year’s Barlett & Steele winners.

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