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Engage Your Community to Power Business Coverage: Self-guided training

The free workshop, “Engage Your Community to Power Your Business Coverage,” was originally held Sept. 1 in San Francisco.

Hosted by MarketWatch, this training provides a clearer picture of the importance of community and expose them to tools and tactics for learning from their communities.


John A. Byrne is the chairman and CEO of C-Change Media Inc. Until recently, Byrne was editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek.com. C stands for content, curation and community, the three common attributes of each C-Change Web venture. Byrne holds the distinction of authoring a record 58 cover stories in BusinessWeek magazine and is also the author or co-author of eight business books, including two New York Times’ bestsellers.

Dave Cohn is founder of Spot.Us, a nonprofit project of the “Center for Media Change” and funded by various groups such as the Knight Foundation. Spot.Us is an open-source project to pioneer “community-powered reporting.” Contributions are tax-deductible, and Spot.Us partners with news organizations to distribute content under appropriate licenses.

Robin J. Phillips, managing editor of BusinessJournalism.org, is an online journalist with experience at newspapers, magazines, as a freelancer and with a little time at a wire service. Phillips was Deputy Business Editor at Newsday and small business editor at BusinessWeek Online.


  • Engage Your Community: Part I – The Importance of Engagement in Digital Journalism — John A. Byrne
  • Engage Your Community: Part II – SpotUs.com: The Basic Concept and Engagement Model — David Cohn
  • Engage Your Community: Part III – Helpful Tips: What Works and What Doesn’t Work? — Byrne, Cohn and Phillips
  • Engage Your Community: Part IV – Helpful Tips: What Works and What Doesn’t Work? (Continued) — Byrne, Cohn and Phillips


Take a look through the workshop session recordings and resources below. At your own pace, you can walk through the self-guided lesson on how to reach out to your local community to both find and develop business stories on your beat.

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