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Engage Your Community to Power Business Coverage: Self-guided training

The free workshop, “Engage Your Community to Power Your Business Coverage,” was originally held Sept. 1 in San Francisco.

Hosted by MarketWatch, this training provides a clearer picture of the importance of community and expose them to tools and tactics for learning from their communities.


John A. Byrne is the chairman and CEO of C-Change Media Inc. Until recently, Byrne was editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek.com. C stands for content, curation and community, the three common attributes of each C-Change Web venture. Byrne holds the distinction of authoring a record 58 cover stories in BusinessWeek magazine and is also the author or co-author of eight business books, including two New York Times’ bestsellers.

Dave Cohn is founder of Spot.Us, a nonprofit project of the “Center for Media Change” and funded by various groups such as the Knight Foundation. Spot.Us is an open-source project to pioneer “community-powered reporting.” Contributions are tax-deductible, and Spot.Us partners with news organizations to distribute content under appropriate licenses.

Robin J. Phillips, managing editor of BusinessJournalism.org, is an online journalist with experience at newspapers, magazines, as a freelancer and with a little time at a wire service. Phillips was Deputy Business Editor at Newsday and small business editor at BusinessWeek Online.


  • Engage Your Community: Part I – The Importance of Engagement in Digital Journalism — John A. Byrne
  • Engage Your Community: Part II – SpotUs.com: The Basic Concept and Engagement Model — David Cohn
  • Engage Your Community: Part III – Helpful Tips: What Works and What Doesn’t Work? — Byrne, Cohn and Phillips
  • Engage Your Community: Part IV – Helpful Tips: What Works and What Doesn’t Work? (Continued) — Byrne, Cohn and Phillips


Take a look through the workshop session recordings and resources below. At your own pace, you can walk through the self-guided lesson on how to reach out to your local community to both find and develop business stories on your beat.

About the Author

Cassandra Nicholson is responsible for organizing Webinar/workshop registrations and materials. She assists in the marketing of free training events and works directly with attendees and presenters.

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