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Jeremy Caplan’s nine ways to build your personal website

Jeremy Caplan, professor at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

CUNY Professor Jeremy Caplan teaches the Reynolds Center workshop, "How to Launch You.com -- Build Your Personal Website," during the SABEW Conference in Dallas.

DALLAS — Looking for how to get your personal website launched? CUNY Professor Jeremy Caplan offered these nine ways during a hands-on Reynolds Center workshop called, “How to Launch You.com — Build a Personal Website,” during the SABEW Conference:

  • Make a landing pageFlavors.me and About.me allow you to build instant pages for free using your existing social media content. Pros: free, fast, easy. Cons: limited content, design.
  • Post a basic blogBlogger.com lets you create a site quickly. Pros: free, easy to maintain. Cons: Not designed for portfolios.
  • Use a microblogPosterous and Tumblr are easy to use and maintain. Pros: easy, multimedia friendly. Cons: designed for blogs, not portfolios
  • Learn a free Web tool Weebly, Wix and Yola let you build a free site using simple menus. Pros: easy, cheap and fast. Cons: few options, amateur look.
  • Go with WordPressWordPress offers free or premium templates for blogs. Pros: flexible, affordable.
    Jenn Abelson Boston Globe reporter

    Boston Globe reporter Jenn Abelson created this personal website using WordPress during the Reynolds Center workshop.

    Cons: requires initial set-up.

  • Use free software — Apple’s iWeb lets you create a site the old-fashioned software way. Pros: free, easy, templated. Cons: few options, Apple only.
  • Buy pro softwareDreamweaver is part of Adobe CS5 Suite or can be purchased as a standalone piece of software for $399. Pros: Full control over design. Cons: Complex, has to be used on one machine where software is installed.
  • Use a pro-hosting service — A professional hosting service costs $12 to $36 a month. Pros: easy, nice design. Cons: cost, limited template flexibility.
  • Pay a contractor — Sites such as Sortfolio.com or 99designs.com will produce a site for you for $3,000 to $20,000. Pros: high quality. Cons: cost, slower.

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  1. Benet: This piece is like a freeze-frame in a movie — STOP! What did you do today to increase your brand awareness? Sounds like ugly marketing jargon to some journalists, as the discussions prove. And I really don’t get it.

    It’s one of the few elements of your writing persona where you have total, creative control.

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