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Bloomberg heads to college media labs looking for the next Facebook

In its “The Race for the Next Facebook” series, Bloomberg Radio’s Carole Zimmer headed to university media labs to give listeners a sense of how the next Facebook could come about. The segment, which includes video online,  takes listeners from NYU to Stanford to hear about some of the projects in the works.

The series won an award from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants for its contribution to better understanding of business topics.

Today’s Tip: “Approach everything conceptually first,” says Assistant Professor Tracy Stockwell, who teaches radio at Alverno College in Milwaukee.

In other words, figure out the story you’re trying to tell for radio broadcast or podcast and then look for the audio to make it come alive. Tracy says you have to problem solve to determine how to convey images with sound.

For example, in the Bloomberg Radio piece, the story details efforts to project an overlay of a keypad onto your palm that would allow you to dial your mobile phone. The audio is of a phone being dialed.

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