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The Great Wall of China

One of the biggest questions we’ve been asked since we’ve been here is: Why is there such a great communication gap between the United States and China?

When climbing the Great Wall one can understand why there has been such a communication gap. China has a long history of isolationist behavior, and Westerners have not been in Asia for all that long. Greek history and culture have more application in the United States because many Americans are descendants of those countries.

Nevertheless, there is a great sense of history attached to China’s most famous structure.

Traveling to the Great Wall is no easy task. the drive from Beijing was around an hour, and the bus labored up the steep mountain side to reach the ancient structure. The Great Wall is a site to behold, and it snakes across the top of mountainous terrain and has defensive structures on the side to allow for arrows to be fired from safety. The terrain is nearly impassible even without a giant wall sitting there.

The Great wall took several hundred years to build, is thousands of miles long and would take over a year and a half to walk.

Though the path along the wall does make traveling the rugged terrain more convenient,  it is by no means an easy walk. The steps incline so dramatically that great care is required to navigate most of the wall.

As Bill Rodgers once said,  ” The marathon will humble you.”  Obviously he never met the Great Wall.

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