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IRE’s Year in Investigations: 32 of the best stories from around the U.S.

Best in Investigative journalism IRE 2011Don’t tell us you’ve run out of story ideas or have no idea what you’d like to do when your editor pushes for investigations or enterprise stories.

These are just three of the more than 30 stories that IRE presents as the best in investigative journalism for 2011 – IRE’s Year in Investigations 2011 (PDF)

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune scored more than 100 insurance companies from an investigation into their financial documents. The series exposed companies that continued to sell policies when they had no way to pay claims.

An investigation by The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) revealed that even though probate court was set up in part to protect the elderly, it sometimes turns on a financial faucet that helps drain the estates of people it’s supposed to guard.

A 10-month CNBC investigation revealed thousands of complaints and more than 75 lawsuits stemming from alleged inadvertent discharges from the Remington 700. At least two dozen deaths and more than one hundred injuries have been linked to a possible design flaw in Remington’s 700-series bolt-action rifle.

When you’ve got some time, take a look through the report from IRE. The stories from large and small organizations; from online, print, TV and radio; are truly inspiring.

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