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Elevating a print story and an intern’s toolbox with video storytelling

By Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez

Salvador Rodriguez

This summer has been hit with an epidemic of cybercrime. Hackers all over the world have stood up to the biggest of companies and government organizations, and broken into their systems. This topic has taken over most of the reporting I have done as an intern at the Los Angeles. I’ll even joke that I’m now the hacking beat reporter. So it was a great relief when my editor sent me out to cover a startup company in Los Angeles.

The company, Equipois, makes mechanical arms that help workers in various sectors work for longer periods of time and more safely. My story, “Equipois’ robotic limbs give factory workers and others a hand”, was a profile of the young company. When the story was pitched to me, I knew exoskeletal arms deserved much more than just text on newspaper – it deserved a video.

This would be my  first professional video, so I was a little nervous. However, I recently got some pretty good multimedia training at the Chips Quinn program with the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute. When I started filming, I surprised even myself at my success.

In the end, I’m pretty proud of the video I put together, and I definitely want to embrace that form of story telling more often. Even in business journalism, doing multimedia pieces can provide a more complete story for readers. In this case, my text told the full story, the bits and pieces that just wouldn’t work in a broadcast video, while my video went more in-depth on the visual aspect of what I was trying to explain.

It was a great experience shooting and reporting the story of Equipois, and I hope to do more multimedia business journalism stories while I’m here at the Los Angeles Times.

Summer intern blog compiled by Elvina Nawaguna-Clemente.

In Academic Programs, ASU Biz Journalism.

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