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Working behind the scenes at KNBC LA

By Chelsea Klement

My experience at NBC affiliate, KNBC LA has so far been a complete whirlwind. I have enjoyed the first couple weeks tremendously and feel right at home when it comes to knowing most of the staff and other interns in the department.

NBC California Nonstop The department I am interning in is California Nonstop News, which is a 7 p.m. show launched in May featuring the top news Los Angeles news on Channel 4.2. Having the opportunity to be one of the first interns in the department of News, Business and Lifestyle has been an honor and an experience that I will take a lot from and be able to apply skills to my senior year at Arizona State University.

The first three weeks I have worked on featured pieces that are on the 7 p.m. show, writing script and shooting video with a photographer. I have been doing a lot of research in breaking news as well as business news to understand and pitch stories that would be great for the Nonstop News show. My task when I first arrive is to check my “nbcuniversal” email, then check the planner on Dalet for that nights show.

Usually if there are spots open for a guest I go right to researching the latest news or look at the rundown plan to catch what video they have already recorded. Using the Dalet software is very different from final cut pro, I have actually found it a bit more frustrating and such a long process to use. I have pitched some really good stories so far and booked guests for the show every time I am in the station.

Besides working on the computers and helping the producers, I have also had a chance to work in the field with videographers and a reporter doing man-on-the-street interviews, b-roll and practicing on camera. Once it hits 6 p.m. I have to be at the station ready to escort the guests to the green room and get them ready for the show, for instance, set up their mics and take them into the studio to meet with the anchor, Colleen Williams.

Overall, I know that the weeks to come working as an intern at KNBC, I will be able to learn and gain experience in the business of journalism. Something that I really enjoy about KNBC LA is that they hold events that each intern can go to, where employee’s come and speak to us about their career paths, mock tryouts and one on one interviews are optional. I want to take advantage of all the events that are presented during this summer’s program. Can’t wait for the many more things to come!

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