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Sales Strategies for Freelance Business Journalists: Self-guided training

The four-day Webinar, “Sales Strategies for Freelance Business Journalists,” took place Aug. 16-19, 2011. | At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to complete the self-guided training.

This Webinar builds on these Webinars, “How to Be an Entrepreneur as a Journalist” and “How to Be an Entrepreneur as a Business Journalist,” which were held in 2010.

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Aug. 16: Who Hires Freelance Business Journalists? — A wealth of opportunities is available for freelance business journalists in the traditional, new media, trade, academic, newsletter and custom-publishing fields. Too many freelancers think their options end with newspapers and consumer magazines.

Aug. 17: Branding and Marketing Yourself — Learn how to evaluate your brand identity and marketing messages. How much should it cost to market yourself? Check out these specific examples of how real freelancers have used 20 different tools (business cards, advertising, PR, direct mail, networking, trade shows, speaking, joint ventures, ezines, link exchanges, Google Ad Words, search engine optimization, affiliate programs, e-mail marketing, article marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to reach new clients.

Aug. 18: Closing the Sale — How do you get from a lead to a prospect to a customer to a client? How do you win repeat business? What are the best electronic options for storing and organizing prospect, customer and client data? How can you evaluate your sales and marketing efforts and improve results?

Aug. 19: Ask the Hiring Editors — Get your questions answered in an online panel discussion with editors who hire freelance journalists. Find out how to establish and maintain good client relationships. Check out “Additional Resources” below for profiles and Q&As on members of the panel.

Maya Payne Smart


After spending six years in the trenches as a freelance business journalist, Maya Payne Smart founded WritingCoach.com to help journalists, authors and other writers build profitable businesses. Her mission is to provide the tools, information and advice that freelancers need to thrive, from marketing basics to advanced business-building strategies.

With Poynter.org careers columnist Joe Grimm, she taught the Reynolds Center’s highly successful “How to Be an Entrepreneur as a Business Journalist” Webinars in 2009 and 2010.

“Business journalists are poised to succeed as freelancers because they can read financial statements and analyze business trends, but too often they fail because of an ingrained disdain for sales. They want to write and report, but haven’t worked up sufficient enthusiasm for market research, self-promotion and pitching,” she said.


  • Who is looking for freelance business journalists
  • How to decide whom you want to work with
  • How to consistently turn leads into clients


You can view the PowerPoints by clicking on the links below. To download and print them, you will be asked to sign up for a free account at a third-party vendor, Slideshare, or you can download them as PDFs.

The latest version of Adobe Flash is required to view the Webinar recordings. You can download that latest version of Flash for free here.

In 2014, Self-guided and archives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today’s training was very helpful. Maya did a great job. I realized that many journalists may need help setting up their websites, blogs, SEO and maintaining content on their websites. For those who mention Reynolds Center, my company will offer web design, hosting, and other similar services at 50% discounted rate. If someone wants to do their own work and only needs some guidance, I will be glad to consult at no charge.
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    Email: farah@starlightcommunication.com

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