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Cars.com is looking for an editor, reviewer to cover auto news

Kicking Tires blog Cars.comEvery once in a while we come across a job that sounds just right … but for just the right person.

Cars.com, which is based in Chicago, is looking for a news editor to join the editorial staff who also is able to write original stories and reviews about cars and is also adept at web journalism skills.

The position is as News Editor for for KickingTires, the news channel for Cars.com.

Ideally, the successful candidate will have or be able to cultivate sources in the auto industry, according to David Thomas, Cars.com managing editor.

“You don’t need to know how to change your own oil, but you can explain the differences between a new BMW 528 and BMW 535 to a car shopper,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he needs someone with news and online background and definitely experience in the auto field. He stressed that Cars.com has roots in newspapers and its editorial team is composed of news vets.

From the full job description and application details Editor, Cars.com:

“There will be regular posts recapping news and new product as well as editing other writers and freelancers. We need an editor who is a self-starter and a collaborator: We need someone who knows what’s news, but who can work with his or her editor to shape overall coverage and tone. We need a writer and editor with a clear voice, not just a regurgitator. Of course, we value consumer value, accuracy and timeliness above all else.”

Among the responsibilities:

  • Writing and editing daily posts, some aggregation, some original reporting, on the auto industry and product, with a sharp focus on how those events and people are going to affect car shoppers
  • Set an engaging tone for coverage, making sure that reports for KickingTires are accurate, nimble and engaging.
  • Will either have — or be able to cultivate — a strong network of sources in the industry.
  • Travel is necessary for this job. This editor/reviewer will attend major auto shows when appropriate and other events as needed.
  • Be comfortable being interviewed by other media outlets (including TV) on breaking industry developments, based on the reporter/reviewer’s analysis of the industry.
  • Occasionally manage freelancers on how they’re performing their tasks.
  • Drive editorial excellence as part of a team that ensures Cars.com publishes and maintains the most relevant, accurate and current consumer-facing automotive content.
  • Be proficient in using web-publishing tools and blog software as well as HTML-editing software and a Content Management System to enter and publish online content. Photoshop skills a plus.


Cars.com is the second largest automotive classified site, second to only Autotrader.com.

Cars.com is a division of Classified Ventures, which is in turn a joint venture by major media companies including the Gannett Company, the McClatchy Company, the Washington Post Company, the Tribune Company, and Belo. Its headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.

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