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Economics 101: Online, June 26-28

The Particulars

When: June 26-28
One hour a day at noon or 4 p.m. ET


Marilyn Geewax,

senior business editor for
NPR’s National Desk

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The economy is arguably the biggest story on the planet. But perhaps you missed Economics 101 when you were in school or would like to brush up on your understanding of basic economic principles.

In this free Webinar June 26-28, Marilyn Geewax, senior business editor for NPR’s National Desk, will demystify economics for business journalists. If you’ve heard her on NPR, you know Geewax can break down complicated economic concepts and make them understandable in her chatty, conversational style.

In just one hour on each of three days with her, you will get a grounding in how the overall economy works, plus specific insights into the employment and housing markets. And beyond the basics, you’ll see how to apply what you’ve learned to finding fresh story ideas on the economy in your local area


  • What is a recession? What constitutes a recovery? How can you identify what’s happening in your area?
  • What do the unemployment rate and first-time jobless claims mean? How many jobs have we lost in the last four years, and what will it take to recover those jobs? What are the local stories to be done on the labor market?
  • What forces led to the recent wave of housing foreclosures? When will the residential real estate market start to recover? How can you get good data on what’s happening in your area?

AGENDA: Economics 101

June 26: It’s the economy, stupid - What will it take for us to get out of this economic slump? How can you tell whether your local economy is recovering; what are the signs to track?

June 27: What will it take for jobs to come back - How do you find fresh stories in the drumbeat of stats about joblessness in your area?

June 28: Foreclosures and falling housing prices – What needs to happen for the housing market to recover? What are the fresh local angles to pursue now – four years after the mortgage meltdown?


Marilyn Geewax, senior business editor for NPR's National Desk

Marilyn Geewax

Marilyn Geewax is the senior business editor for NPR’s National Desk. She was the national economics correspondent for Cox Newspapers’ Washington Bureau. Before coming to Washington in 1999, she worked for the Cox flagship paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, first as a business reporter and then as a columnist and editorial board member.

Geewax earned a master’s degree at Georgetown University, where she focused on international economic affairs. She also studied economics and international relations at Harvard as a Nieman Fellow. She was also a Davenport Fellow at the University of Missouri, and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University.

From 2001 to 2006, Geewax taught a business journalism class as an adjunct professor at George Washington University.


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This free Webinar is sponsored by the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

The Reynolds Center is funded by a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation in Las Vegas. Besides its free regional workshops and online training, the center runs BusinessJournalism.org, offering daily tips, training and resources for those who want to do a better job of covering business.

Those who successfully complete three regional workshops or Webinars presented by the Reynolds Center are eligible to receive a “Circle of Achievement” award certificate. If you have any questions about the Webinar or the center, please email Executive Director Linda Austin or call 602-496-9187.


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  1. Linda Austin says:

    Hi, Anonymous. Please email me at linda.austin@businessjournalism.org. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Anonymous says:

    If there’s any way to still sign up, I’m interested.

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