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Five reasons business journalists should check out Twitter’s revamp

twitter brand pagesTwitter revamped itself once again last week, and the changes make it easier than ever for journalists to follow trends, track conversations and connect with sources and businesses. Twitter is hoping some of the improvements may even convince you to ditch your third-party Twitter app in favor of the original.

Here are some of the key changes to keep on your radar:

Profile pages: Twitter has reorganized profile pages to put important user data like lists, followers, videos and images in a more prominent position in the upper left-hand corner of the page. The new positioning places more emphasis on the connections people have through Twitter and makes it easier to dig down into someone’s profile.

Brand pages: Twitter’s new brand pages will allow companies to promote their prominent content, which means business reporters are less likely to miss big announcements on products or campaigns. Twitter is playing a bit of catch-up here, as Facebook has long accommodated brands and Google+ launched brand pages about a month ago. Brands are clamoring for more control over how they present themselves on social media, and Twitter is answering the call. Some big companies including American Express, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kia, JetBlue and Verizon launched their brand pages initially, expect more to follow.

Discover tab: The Discover tab puts several handy search and tracking features in a common place. Under this tab, you can search hashtags to understand trends, track who your followers are following and get recommendations of new people to follow based on topics.

In-line conversations: It’s easier than ever to drop in on conversations on Twitter, because now those conversations, and related photos and videos, are stacked seamlessly into your feed rather than appearing in the sidebar. Once you expand a conversation, it stays expanded in your feed.

Embeddable tweets:  The old screenshot method is is rendered obsolete in the new Twitter, and it’s now much easier to embed full-featured tweets in a blog post or story.



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