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Marketplace host David Brancaccio offers tips for business reporters

David Brancaccio

David Brancaccio

David Brancaccio is the special correspondent for Marketplace’s award-winning business program Economy 4.0 and the host of the Marketplace Index.

During his 33-year career, the broadcaster has covered politics, human rights, national security, the environment, health care, and science policy. He also authored the book “Squandering Aimlessly,” which focuses on money and values in America.

Brancaccio said he approaches economic topics from the average person’s perspective. And his string of awards proves he is an expert business storyteller. He’s won some of the highest honors in broadcast journalism, including an Emmy, Peabody, Columbia-duPont, and Walter Cronkite awards.

We had a chance to sit down with Brancaccio to ask him about his top tips for business reporters. From hot topics to jump on in 2012 to tactics for bringing complicated business stories home to the average reader, he shares his advices below in a three-part video series.

Stories to jump on now 

In this video, Brancaccio talks about the hottest economic and business topics reporters should keep on their radar in 2012, and the way they can make these stories relevant to a local audience.

Telling human stories 

In this video, Brancaccio stresses the importance of finding the “human element” in business stories, and offers suggestions for reporters before they go on field.

Breaking down the complex

Brancaccio offers tips for strategically tackling complicated business topics, and shares methods for finding compelling characters in complex topics in this video below.

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