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Indiana Gov. Daniels challenges journalists to do their part

Indiana’s Gov. Mitch Daniels urged America’s business journalists to do their part in not damaging the U.S. economy.

Gov. Mitch Daniels

Gov. Mitch Daniels urges SABEW members to be more vigilant. Photo: Robin J. Phillips

“We have to be very careful not to injure that vibrancy,” he said about the risk companies take to get started. “Where there is no failure, there’s likely to be very little growth. Look for stories that reflect that … it’s too easy to see the downsides sometimes.”

Daniels spoke to U.S. business journalists at the annual convention of the Society of Business Editors and Writers.

The two-term Republican governor who demurred when national party leaders called on him to run for president talks about the Hoosier state economy, his party’s contentious primary and whether he might consider running as vice presidential contender.

During the lunchtime chat on Day 1 of the convention at IUPUI Informatics & Communications Technology Center, Indianapolis.

Other thoughts from Gov. Daniels included:

On U.S. unemployment: “I’m not sure if we’ve had a permanent structural change in the labor force, hope that we haven’t.”

On why it’s important for business journalists to be vigilant: “Unemployment figures need a lot of inspection these days. … The common imperative we share is the growth of the private economy. Our economy is skating on a very thin edge. ”

On not jumping into the 2012 Presidential Election: “It’s not for me and not for my family.”

On whether he regrets not running for president: “No sir. This was never something I lusted in my heart to do.”

On healthcare reform: “We will never have cost control in healthcare until we’re all cost controllers.”

On steps to take: “It is arthmetically impossible for this nation to succeed if we don’t” change entitlements process.

Two key issues he argues are not debatable:
1. “We’ve got to change the entitlement program. If we simply start taking the right steps, the world will cut the U.S. some slack and keep financing us in the meantime.”
2. “The private economy in this country has got to grow more swiftly.”
“These two points are not ideological, They are mathematical.”

And a plea to the business journalists about America’s need for dynamism:
Let’s look at “the way a business can start, take a flyer, get started .. we have to be very careful not to injured that vibrancy. Where there is no failure, there’s likely to be very little growth. Look for stories that reflect that … it’s too easy to see the downsides sometimes. “

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