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How to participate in the Reynolds Visiting Business Journalism Professor program

The Reynolds Center is accepting applications for the final grant in the Reynolds Visiting Business Journalism Professor program, as well as the final visiting professor candidate.

The grant of up to $50,000 per school is funded by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, with the goal of helping to launch business journalism programs at campuses around the United States.

The program began in spring, 2012, when four schools hosted a visiting professor. Three more universities hosted professors in  2013, and two hosted professors in 2014. A single school is receiving a professor for spring, 2015, with the final professor appointment available for 2016.

The professors teach two business journalism courses during their semester in residence. The Reynolds Foundation grant covers most salary and program expenses as well as provides funding for guest speakers to visit the campus during the semester.

Accredited journalism programs that wish  to host a visiting professor in Spring 2016 must apply by Feb. 18, 2015. For details, go to How to Apply: Journalism Programs.

Individuals who wish to be a visiting professor must apply by August 1, 2015. For details, go to How to Apply: Visiting Professorships.

In 2014, Visiting Professors Program.

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