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Keep an ear out for trend stories as health care industry heats up

Urgent Care PromptCare

Dr. Wanda Simmons-Clemmons examines Dawn Antonelli at the PromptCare urgent care clinic. Photo: Jenny Gold

Pending health care changes are creating a plethora of story options for health care reporters.

Jenny Gold, a Kaiser Health News reporter, found one of them – NPR: Hospitals Gamble On Urgent Care Clinics To Keep Patients Healthy.

Jenny Gold

As part of a trend towards coordinated care, hospitals are adding urgent care centers.

“It’s a small and digestible way to see how hospitals keep a population of patients healthy,” Jenny says.

A local healthcare consultant mentioned the trend to Jenny, she says. She lucked upon a hospital that had just opened a center. Hospital executives were open about their strategies.

Patients also were willing to talk because the medical issues weren’t so personal, she says.

Jenny says stories like these offer an opportunity to look where health care is heading. The industry “is in a moment of transition right now,” she says.

Also, keep an eye on the Association of Health Care Journalists website for trends.

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