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Veteran investigative journalist Jim Steele kicks off Reynolds Week 2013

Jim Steele shares tips for investigative business journalism with this year's fellows.

Reynolds Week is underway and ASU’s Cronkite School is buzzing with Strictly Financials and Business Journalism Professor fellows anxious to spend four days in intense training.

In the Strictly Financials Seminar, journalists from media outlets across the U.S. will study a variety of topics including markets, financial statements and SEC documents. The Business Journalism Professor fellows will learn tactics for developing a business journalism course and educating the next generation of financial reporters.

Jim Steele, an award-winning business journalist and contributing editor for Vanity Fair, kicked off the seminars with a conversation about investigative reporting. Steele, along with his writing partner Don Barlett, are the only reporting duo to win two Pulitzer Prizes and two National Magazine Awards. They have worked together for more than 40 years at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Time and now for Vanity Fair.

Steele told journalists and professors that it’s a promising time for journalists looking to do more in-depth work, especially because of the easy availability of documents and other information online. Steele remembers having to fly to various locations to inspect documents that are now within reach after a few key strokes.

“This is in many ways a true golden age for investigative reporting because of what’s accessible,” Steele said. “Twenty-four/seven you can go online and see this stuff. That is a huge change.”

To keep tabs on what the fellows are learning this week, check out the Strictly Financials and Business Journalism Professor agendas. We’ll also  post session handouts, videos at updates through the week at our Reynolds Week 2013 blog.

About the Author

Kelly is the Reynolds Center's Senior Online Producer. She has worked as a reporter for several newspapers, most recently The Arizona Republic, and has been an adjunct professor at Arizona State University’s Cronkite School. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College and holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from West Virginia University. Kelly also was a fellow at The Poynter Institute and a contributing writer for "Cancer Stories: Lessons in Love, Loss & Hope."

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