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Decades on the investigative beat: C-SPAN talks with Barlett & Steele

barlett & steele on cpan

Donald Barlett and Jim Steele were recently featured on C-SPAN's BookTV to discuss their decades of work.

Donald Barlett & Jim Steele, the storied investigative business journalism duo, were recently featured on C-SPAN’s Book TV for an in-depth session that covered everything from past award-winning series to the team’s new book, “The Betrayal of the American Dream.”

And when you have a body of work that stretches over 40 years, includes eight books and has been honored with almost every major journalism prize, a three-hour interview might not seem long enough.

Highlights included stories from Barlett & Steele’s impressive resume and inside details from their revelatory books on tax dodging and Howard Hughes. The pair answered questions from Facebook comments, emails and Tweets. They also shared their thoughts on the future of investigative business journalism in a ever-changing media climate. (Watch the full interview on C-SPAN’s site.)

“There are a lot of good journalists out there…There is a lot of outstanding work going on in this country,” Steele said.

This discussion with two of the top investigative business reporters will leave you feeling inspired. Once you craft your own in-depth work, don’t forget to submit to to our annual Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism. Learn more about past winners and application details for this year’s competition.



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