Must-Read Money Stories for Thursday, Dec. 29

by December 29, 2016
The oil industry is looking to rebound in 2017. (Image via flickr user "aneil4lom" CC by SA 2.0)

The oil industry is looking to rebound in 2017. (Image via flickr user “aneil4lom” CC by SA 2.0)

Oil rebound

Next year could be a big one for the oil industry. After a dreary 2016 for oil companies, Bloomberg reports the industry is expected to rebound in 2017 with a slew of new IPOs. One analyst believes the number of IPOs in the oil sector next year could triple what it was in 2016. The reason for the uptick: Higher prices for oil.

“Brain waste”

NPR highlights the problem of “brain waste” in how the U.S. handles immigrants with high skills who are forced to take low-wage jobs. NPR says the Migration Policy Institute compiled stats on the phenomenon. It found that refugees in particular have trouble finding jobs that match their skill sets. A third of refugees who resettled in the U.S. in recent years have college degrees, according to MPI. It calculates the U.S. economy is losing out on $40 billion per year in economic activity from “brain waste.” NPR highlights one organization that’s trying to solve the problem.

Stories for your eyes

Here’s a cool year-end roundup from the Washington Post: 16 news visualizations for 2016. From the Brexit vote to the rise of the African American history museum in Washington D.C., not all of the items on the list are business related, but all are worth checking out for inspiration on your own visual journalism endeavors in 2017.

Top five

The New Yorker put together its list of the biggest business stories of 2016. These five stories are probably already on your radar, but the context and depth here is helpful. Especially if you plan to put together your own list of the biggest business stories for the year. C’mon, you’ve got a whole day left to do it.

Oil rig” by flickr user “aneil4lom”,, CC license CC by-SA 2.0