Must-Read Money Stories for Thursday, March 9

by March 9, 2017
The AMA is the latest group to give the Republican's new health care plan a thumb's down. (Image from "stevepb" via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

The AMA is the latest group to give the Republican’s new health care plan a big thumb’s down. (Image from “stevepb” via Pixabay, CCO Public Domain)

Chipotle wins one

Beleaguered food chain Chipotle finally got some good news on Wednesday, Reuters reports. A lawsuit brought by shareholders who claimed it defrauded them about the seriousness of an E.coli outbreak was knocked down by U.S. District court judge Katherine Polk Failla. The judge also rejected claims that CEO Steve Ells and two other executives engaged in a stock sell-off three months before the first outbreak.

Trump bump, retail edition

Who needs Nordstrom? Apparently not Ivanka Trump, whose clothing line’s e-sales skyrocketed in recent weeks. USA Today says that while the private company doesn’t have to disclose sales figures, brand president Abigail Klem reports, “some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand.” According to Lyst, a fashion search engine, sales have jumped 356% from early February, when Nordstrom announced it would stop carrying the line.

Wiggle while you watch

Fidgety kids who can’t sit still watching a 90-minute movie won’t have to any longer. In the latest attempt to combat falling movie attendance, Mexican theater chain Cinépolis is bringing its playground-meets-movie-theater concept to California, with venues opening in San Diego and Los Angeles. An article on reports that theaters are being outfitted with playground equipment including the “Wobble Hopper”—a stationery pogo stick—along with slides, bean bag chairs, even a merry-go-round.

Open wide and say, “nah”

The AMA declared that it’s no fan of the Affordable Care Act overhaul as proposed by the Republican leadership, including Donald Trump. CNN detailed a letter from the American Medical Association’s CEO, James L. Madara. In it, he says the new plan will result in less health insurance coverage and will harm “vulnerable patient populations.” The AMA joins a growing group of decriers, including AARP and the American Hospital Association.

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