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Man on bile with scrap metal in grocery basket

New crime data prompts new look at multi-billion scrap metal business

We all have our quirks and one that I’ll admit to involves a rather odd fascination good trash-to-treasure stories. No, you won’t find me peering into neighbor’s bins under cover of darkness, but the industries surrounding solid waste, recycling and scrap always seem to be under-the-rader-screen sources of interesting story nuggets. The notion of scrap […]

As World Cup excitement mounts, find local ties to Brazil's economy

As World Cup excitement mounts, find local ties to Brazil’s economy

Only a few weeks remain until the kick-off of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil – and the much-watched football (or soccer, to those of us in the United States) tournament will bring all eyes to South America’s largest economy. FIFA, by the way, stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association and the league, […]

Tornado couple hug ABCNews

Tornado-related stories: Insurance, utilities, prep and cleanup

It’s hard to believe that after the devastation in 2013, we’re back to another tornado season with the twisters already killing more than a dozen people in Arkansas and nearby states.  And with more severe weather happening as I write, and  forecast for the coming days, you might want to brush up on your storm […]

Nebraska state run horse racing

New state tax revenue data gives insight into consumer spending

New numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau on state tax revenues are just out for the fourth quarter of 2013, with the annual summary for the full year also due out April 8. Because these figures are broken down into categories ranging from property tax to alcohol purchases, you might consider using them as a […]

US market worries over Ukraine

Keeping an eye on local economics as the Ukraine-Russia crisis persists

As a business writer, you might not have had the escalating military and political crisis in the Ukraine on your to-do radar screen, but as the Russian invasion continues, it’s begun to cause  market gyrations around the world.  At this point it’s worth paying attention to what’s going on and perhaps lining up some explanatory […]

Lafayette crash trucks and fire

Insurance, auto repairs, vacations: Winter’s impact

It’s been a rough six weeks of bitter cold and giant snowbanks for may parts of the country, and a break in the frigid temperatures this week now is bringing the threat of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms to the midwest, while southern cities unaccustomed to ice and snow tote up the cost of recent storms. […]

coal ash dirty hand

How widespread are coal ash dumps and who’s working to prevent spills?

News has been coming thick and fast the last few weeks, so you might have missed the uproar over the coal ash spill in North Carolina.  According to the Raleigh News & Observer, coal ash – a byproduct of burning coal for energy production – escaped from a Duke Energy storage facility on Feb. 2 […]

As the winter freeze deepens, the effect on businesses and consumers does too

As the winter freeze deepens, the effect on businesses and consumers does too

There’s so much happening this month and next for business writers to focus on, but sometimes you need to bow to the forces of nature. Record-setting winter weather like most of us haven’t experienced in quite a while is on the tip of most tongues and as it persists for weeks, is rippling through pretty […]

CNN extreme weather photos

From plumbers to bird-seed sellers, who gains when sub-zero temps hit?

It’ll take something pretty amazing to compete for headlines with the extreme weather outbreak ongoing this week across much of the United States.  When people are trying to make it through the daily commute and  other activities despite zero-degree temperatures, another half-foot of snow and other manifestations of Mother Nature, they won’t be in the […]