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Heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune withdrew their funds from fossil fuel investments

Rockefeller move highlights socially-conscious investing trends

News came  this week — apparently timed to coincide with the United Nation’s Climate Summit 2014 held in New York City — that heirs to the petroleum-based Rockefeller family fortune planned to divest their $860 million charity fund from assets related to fossil fuels as CNBC reported.  Inside Philanthropy says it figures at least another […]

Pile of old computers

New gadgets mean more demands for smart e-waste recycling

Last week’s news that Apple will be launching a new iPhone 6 and an iPhone watch — as well as the less-festive flash that poor Amazon has had to cut the price of its sluggish selling Fire mobile phone to 99 cents (from about $200) — conjured up visions of mountains of older models tossed […]

hand and water hose, Bloomberg headline: California Water Prices Soard

Parched: Drought issues ripple out to consumers, growers, small businesses

With dry conditions or outright drought  plaguing a significant section of the United States,  it beats me why TV weather people still pull gloomy faces when they’re reporting impending storms;  you’d think they would be leading the dance of joy. Financial writers know that water issues – from crop hydration to the marketing of bottled […]

As highway fund is debated, how does the local business of road building fare?

As highway fund is debated, how does the local business of road building fare?

The federal Highway Trust Fund is projected to run out of money on August 1.   Congress is as usual eschewing a long-term, sweeping vision in favor of a short-term patch.   According to Bloomberg, odds are that a House version of a transportation bill will make it to President Obama for signature. With looming funding issues, […]

Mosquito Squad truck

Consumers itch and businesess profit as mosquitos swarm

As one of those lucky people generally ignored by stinging and biting insects, it was dismaying a week or two ago to be covered in itchy red welts after just a little while outdoors planting flower pots.  A few days later the graveside rites at a funeral I attended were actually cut short as mourners […]

Vegas wedding

Wedding bells ring, vendors say cha-ching as wedding season blooms

It’s the peak of springtime and that ringing sound you hear is the peal of wedding bells – and the cha-ching of revenue echoing in the daydreams of wedding industry vendors.  Add to the mix the imminent marriage mania surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s vows, along with more Federal court victories for gay marriage, […]

The earth

Mainstreaming climate change: The most important issue of our age

Years ago, Gannett pioneered “mainstreaming” of minorities and others on the margins of conventional news coverage. For example, instead of having a minority business beat, newspapers should integrate minority owners, workers, customers, analysts and other experts into as many stories as possible. The term has probably fallen aside but the idea is still a good […]

Telecommuting Dad

From tax tips to fuel savings: Pros and cons of telecommuting

One of the weather-related stories I found intriguing over the past couple of months was the emergency telecommuting that had to be done; I figured even employers reluctant to allow working from home were forced to as slick roads and storms kept employees off the roads. Well, we have another reason to address telework trends […]

coal ash dirty hand

How widespread are coal ash dumps and who’s working to prevent spills?

News has been coming thick and fast the last few weeks, so you might have missed the uproar over the coal ash spill in North Carolina.  According to the Raleigh News & Observer, coal ash – a byproduct of burning coal for energy production – escaped from a Duke Energy storage facility on Feb. 2 […]