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Health care

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Woman undergoing a mammogram of the right breast

As guidelines evolve, what happens to the business of mammography?

Recent news of a study that casts doubt on the life-saving value of mammograms is a huge health science story — fueling more intense debate about the tests’ role in detecting breast cancer at treatable stages — but it’s also a pretty big business-of-healthcare story you may wish to follow up on, as well. To […]

In name of 'objectivity,' don't fall for false, partisan talking points

In name of ‘objectivity,’ don’t fall for false, partisan talking points

Columnist Jon Talton says the media are particularly vulnerable to the ongoing effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act by false talking points. “Obamacare has plenty of real flaws and deserves penetrating coverage. We don’t need to be stenographers for liars in the service of false balance,” he writes.

Readers need details if their employer self-insures for medical costs

Readers need details if their employer self-insures for medical costs

AOL’s about-face on cuts to its 401(k) program (which I covered in this earlier blog post along with tips for localizing 401(k) trends) raises some other interesting issues regarding employee privacy and employers that self-insure for the medical benefits they extend to workers. Self-insurance is when employers pay medical benefits claims directly rather than paying […]

Massive beef recall prompts a look at local food-safety concerns

Massive beef recall prompts a look at local food-safety concerns

News that a staggering 9 million pounds of beef are being recalled by Northern California processing plant, apparently due to incomplete inspection, is the sort of stomach-churning headline that catches readers’ eyes. It follows last month’s tainted-chicken problem, also in California, that eventually sickened prison inmates in Tennessee, according to CorrectionsOne.com, a site with news […]

CVS drops cigarettes

What do retailers gain, lose by kicking tobacco from their shelves?

CVS Caremark Corp. fired up business news this week with word that it’s kicking tobacco products out of its stores this fall, in favor of what it says is a wellness-oriented business model. The company’s press release said it will lose $2 billion in annual sales by the move – a relative drop in its […]

28 Days a month full of story ideas

Lap dogs in New York to hot laps in Daytona, February is full of news

The old Bulgarian term for February was “month of dreadful ice” and while that may be true meteorologically, especially this year, it’s a hot-hot-hot little 28 days for news pegs. In addition to the just-past Super  Groundhog Day, and Valaentine’s Day (also known this year as Val-Pres weekend due to its confluence with the President’s […]

weight loss lineup Vernon White

Still a good time to write about the multi-billion-dollar self-help industry

Before that fresh new-calendar feeling wears off, you might want to take time in this early part of the year to check up on the various practitioners in the self-improvement industries.  Coaches, counselors and purveyors of wellness products are enjoying their peak season right now, and whether you seek advice and caveats for consumers shopping […]

What's Next in Covering the Affordable Care Act: Online, Aug. 6

What’s Next in Covering the Affordable Care Act: Online, Aug. 6

Get ready to cover open enrollment this fall for both individuals and small businesses under the Affordable Care Act. A year after the launch of healthcare.gov, individuals will be anxious to see whether premiums go up when open enrollment starts Nov. 15, and for the first time, small businesses will be shopping on healthcare.gov to buy the coverage they must provide. In In this free, one-hour webinar, Tami Luhby, who covers health care for CNNMoney, will help you identify local story ideas and give you a road map to possible sources to develop them.

CNN extreme weather photos

From plumbers to bird-seed sellers, who gains when sub-zero temps hit?

It’ll take something pretty amazing to compete for headlines with the extreme weather outbreak ongoing this week across much of the United States.  When people are trying to make it through the daily commute and  other activities despite zero-degree temperatures, another half-foot of snow and other manifestations of Mother Nature, they won’t be in the […]