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Health care

Mosquito Squad truck

Consumers itch and businesess profit as mosquitos swarm

As one of those lucky people generally ignored by stinging and biting insects, it was dismaying a week or two ago to be covered in itchy red welts after just a little while outdoors planting flower pots.  A few days later the graveside rites at a funeral I attended were actually cut short as mourners […]

New York City Pride SAGE photo

New demographic forecasts prompt a closer look at marketing to seniors

Hot off the press from the U.S. Census Bureau, two new reports chronicle the aging of the United States’ population, a trend that can springboard stories on myriad business beats from health care to casinos. The number of people over age 65 is expected to more than double by 2050, to 83.7 million from around […]

Physical therapy fall prevention

An aching, aging population will provide plenty of biz for physical therapists

Amid ongoing coverage of a tepid jobs market, it’s difficult to ignore on that offers double-digit growth in the coming years:  The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting that demand for physical therapists will grow a whopping 36 percent between 2012 and 2022. According to the BLS, the median physical therapist — “help injured or ill people […]

Truckers, tote boards, tattoos and tequila:  Stories to localize in May

Truckers, tote boards, tattoos and tequila: Stories to localize in May

May is another one of those action-packed month for business features that can tie into a number of industries or beats, and I wanted to provide some food for thought and resources about upcoming events you might want to localize. Place your bets.  Saturday’s 140th running of the Kentucky Derby is a big day for […]

Helath Clinics Seattle Times

Doctors, clinics and the pent-up demand from newly insured patients

President Obama last week relished his announcement that some 8 million people already have signed up for private health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and that milestone sets the stage for a number of business angles related to the demand for and delivery of  health care services: Where’s the pent-up demand?  Curiously, a number […]

Autism Business

As autism prevalence soars, which businesses strive to accommodate?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published an amazing statistic last week:  One in 68 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder – up 30 percent from just two years ago, according to a CNN report. Here’s the basic fact sheet on the disorder from the CDC’s extensive autism portal; it says “People with […]

Woman undergoing a mammogram of the right breast

As guidelines evolve, what happens to the business of mammography?

Recent news of a study that casts doubt on the life-saving value of mammograms is a huge health science story — fueling more intense debate about the tests’ role in detecting breast cancer at treatable stages — but it’s also a pretty big business-of-healthcare story you may wish to follow up on, as well. To […]

In name of 'objectivity,' don't fall for false, partisan talking points

In name of ‘objectivity,’ don’t fall for false, partisan talking points

Columnist Jon Talton says the media are particularly vulnerable to the ongoing effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act by false talking points. “Obamacare has plenty of real flaws and deserves penetrating coverage. We don’t need to be stenographers for liars in the service of false balance,” he writes.

Readers need details if their employer self-insures for medical costs

Readers need details if their employer self-insures for medical costs

AOL’s about-face on cuts to its 401(k) program (which I covered in this earlier blog post along with tips for localizing 401(k) trends) raises some other interesting issues regarding employee privacy and employers that self-insure for the medical benefits they extend to workers. Self-insurance is when employers pay medical benefits claims directly rather than paying […]