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Health Insurance Marketplace is open

Looks like accountants, consultants will see new business from Obamacare

The federal government may have shut down but according to officials, health care exchanges were buzzing Oct. 1 as insurance-hungry consumers swarmed the online marketplaces. News reports said Healthcare.gov and other sites were overwhelmed by traffic – which seems to imply that audiences will be receptive to more Affordable Care Act news coverage in the […]

healthcare dates to know 2013

Lots of info, more confusion as health insurance marketplace nears

With the at-least-nominal Oct. 1 kickoff of health insurance marketplaces only a month away (some are hedging with “soft openings” or later start dates), you probably are planning a consumer guide or even special online package for those trying to navigate their options. If not, consider it — at least one large clip-and-save page or […]

ebay college football players signatures

Football season means game on for business of sports stories

Ready or not, the 2013-2014 football season is upon us, and that means plenty of topics for financial writers hoping to tackle business of sports stories. College football kicks off on Aug. 29, according to this ESPN schedule, and the National Football League pre-season is already underway, with the official 2013 fall season scheduled to start on Sept. […]

classic cars cruising

2013 auto sales: From subprime to costly collectible cars

Automakers are expected to post new-vehicle sales on Thursday, and if you haven’t done a car-related story lately, the monthly numbers are a useful springboard for all sorts of economy and personal-finance reports.   That’s especially so at this period, in which manufacturers and dealers are motivated to clear off lots of the expiring sales year’s models and […]

Obamacare healthcare NYTimes

Marketing, advertising firms stand to gain big explaining Obamacare

A few weeks ago I was chatting with my hair stylist while she did a color touch-up; somehow the topic segued into health care and being self-employed; somewhat sheepishly, the stylist, a 40-something mother of four, admitted that she doesn’t carry any health insurance for herself.  Her kids have it via their dad, but like […]

scale dollar signs

Who stands to gain or lose from the AMA’s ruling on obesity?

My first reaction last week upon hearing news that the American Medical Association has decided to classify obesity as a disease was “Cha-ching!”   Not on my own behalf, of course, but in thinking of practitioners, drug makers, weight-loss program providers and all sorts of other entities that likely will cash in on an increasingly medical […]

Find a range of stories tied to the pending farm bill

Find a range of stories tied to the pending farm bill

The farm bill limping along in Congress is back in the news again. The Senate is expected to pass its version of the legislation next week and then the bill would go to the House of Representatives.  Studying the massive, five-year bill (an extension expires Sept. 30) is a big project, but you can likely […]

Day Laborers Hurricane Sandy

Tornado follow-up stories, from preppers to personal finance

With the deadly Oklahoma tornados still top of mind — some meteorologists now say the storm had far more power than the atomic bomb the United States released on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II — you might want to contemplate another day or so of related business angles. Even if you’re far from the […]