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Kids watching Netflix on a phone

TV consumers spending more, watching less: At what cost?

A $49 billion cable television merger is a pretty big headline, and one that’ll keep audiences talking for days if not weeks, especially when it concerns a product that’s in pretty much every household’s living room.  As reported Sunday, AT&T wants to buy satellite television provider Direct TV in a $95-a-share merger that will affect […]

Boston Marathon 2014 security

Security firms thrive as safety standards tighten for public events

According to news reports, some 4,000 security personnel were on hand for Monday’s Boston Marathon, the first since the 2013 bombing at the event killed three people.  From cameras to cops to bomb-sniffing dogs, and through bans on backpacks, face masks and more, officials are determined that this year’s event won’t be marred by tragedy, […]

new domain names

Companies, individuals making the most of .guru, .bike, and more

If you’re casting about for an interesting marketing or trends story, here’s one that could be adapted to just about any beat: The new domain names that have become available this year, which allow businesses to shed the run-of-the-mill .com designation in favor of snazzier suffixes like .bank, .guru and even, heaven help us, .Kardashian. […]

Telecommuting Dad

From tax tips to fuel savings: Pros and cons of telecommuting

One of the weather-related stories I found intriguing over the past couple of months was the emergency telecommuting that had to be done; I figured even employers reluctant to allow working from home were forced to as slick roads and storms kept employees off the roads. Well, we have another reason to address telework trends […]

F35 jet

How will state and local economies adjust to Pentagon belt-tightening?

The announcement Monday that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has laid out a five-year plan to drastically shrink miliitary spending likely has a lot of businesses, workers and consumers alarmed. While Hagel’s outline is merely, as one news outlet put it, the opening salvo in a budget battle with Congress, the plan to shrink the U.S. […]

coal ash dirty hand

How widespread are coal ash dumps and who’s working to prevent spills?

News has been coming thick and fast the last few weeks, so you might have missed the uproar over the coal ash spill in North Carolina.  According to the Raleigh News & Observer, coal ash – a byproduct of burning coal for energy production – escaped from a Duke Energy storage facility on Feb. 2 […]

Woman undergoing a mammogram of the right breast

As guidelines evolve, what happens to the business of mammography?

Recent news of a study that casts doubt on the life-saving value of mammograms is a huge health science story — fueling more intense debate about the tests’ role in detecting breast cancer at treatable stages — but it’s also a pretty big business-of-healthcare story you may wish to follow up on, as well. To […]

Top scams 2013 BBB

Funeral-home e-mail scam highlights new phishing woes

It’s been a rough few months for consumers.  First, millions learned that shopping at their friendly discount store – or upscale department store – may have exposed their financial information to overseas hackers. That series of incidents – on top of drumbeat headlines about government spying and invasion of privacy – has percolated fears about […]

28 Days a month full of story ideas

Lap dogs in New York to hot laps in Daytona, February is full of news

The old Bulgarian term for February was “month of dreadful ice” and while that may be true meteorologically, especially this year, it’s a hot-hot-hot little 28 days for news pegs. In addition to the just-past Super  Groundhog Day, and Valaentine’s Day (also known this year as Val-Pres weekend due to its confluence with the President’s […]