Census Reporting

Use Census Data to Report on the Gender Wage Gap

The Arizona Republic recently looked at 10 jobs with the largest gender pay gap in the

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Using Census Data to Report on Businesses Serving People With Disabilities

The Census Bureau releases facts and figures on people with disabilities in the United States, usually

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3 Ways to Use Census Statistics for Business-Related Earth Day Features

April 22, 2016, is Earth Day, and the census has plenty of data you can use

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5 Resources for Covering Mom and Pop Business Day

Today is Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. If you’re looking to do some timely reporting

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Instructions for Using American Fact Finder to Find Floral, Jewelry and Marriage Data

For step-by-step instructions for using the American Fact Finder shown in Evan Wyloge’s article, check out

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Use Census Data to Cover Valentine’s Day in Your Community

Chances are your newsroom runs topical feature stories around each holiday. Census data can be a valuable tool to help you delve deeper and find more interesting angles for these topical stories.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ll use it as an example.

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