Calling all teachers: how to use our podcast in your class

Our Reynolds Center podcast, How To Cover Money has made its debut. And now, it’s being schooled. We’re offering a weekly lesson plan, matched to each episode, that can be used by teachers and professors. How To Cover Money episodes

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Welcome Mark Remillard, Reynolds Podcast Executive Producer

With the launch of the Reynolds Center podcast, How To Cover Money, on iTunes, we thought we’d take a minute to introduce its executive producer, Mark Remillard. Remillard began working in radio in 2010 while at community college in southern

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Presenting How To Cover Money, the Reynolds Center podcast

The Reynolds Center is delighted to unveil How to Cover Money, our new podcast, which is now live on iTunes. Each week, my co-host, Mark Remillard and I look at a different topic of interest to journalists who cover money

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