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A business journalist's guide to Reddit and its SubReddits

A business journalist’s guide to Reddit and its SubReddits

By on Jun 13, 2013

One social media site you may have overlooked is Reddit.com, but don’t be too quick to rule it out. Like Facebook and Twitter, Reddit can be a useful source for business journalists to gather information and find sources. At first glance, the site seems text-heavy and difficult to use, but it is actually easier than […]

Blog world community

How to attract members to your online community

Creating and Building a Community
Be remarkable. “Content is king, but engagement is queen,” said Ludlow. Think of what you can say that is remarkable, that people will comment on. Make sure any time you’re developing content, you’re passionate about it.
Look at your community as a cohesive whole. Risley suggests using a blog to build up the community. Most people overlook the importance of using an email list to get people on the site and interact on it, he added.

7 Deadly Social Media sins

7 Deadly Social Sins: Or how not to suck on social media

Author Maria Perez is director of news operations at ProfNet, a free service that helps journalists find sources. I recently attended BlogWorld & New Media Expo, a three-day conference and trade show for bloggers, podcasters, Web content creators and social media innovators. I was able to listen in on several content creation and blogging sessions, […]

mobile app

6 mobile apps for business journalists

Access to immediate information is crucial for today’s business journalist wanting to get the job done right and on deadline. Smartphones with full web access make it easy to find almost anything you need on the go. We’ve found the best apps.


Three quick and easy paths to business infographics

Just because you may not have access to a full-fledged graphics department, doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the rise of the online infographic and all the extra page views that come along with it. Several websites have emerged in recent months that make it easier than ever for business journalists to […]

Social media in chalk on blackboard

Social media ethics for journalists: Part 2, the new rules

In my previous post, I discussed some challenges that social media poses for business journalists who want to remain above reproach professionally while also enjoying the reporting, career-building and engagement tools available in this new digital age. Because of the variety of roles that journalists can play and the broad continuum of news organizations from […]

Social Media friending

Social media ethics for journalists: Part 1, the dilemma

The rise of social media raises a host of questions for business journalists, both in our personal actions and how we do our jobs. Should you “like” the Facebook page of a company you cover so you’re alerted to announcements and can connect with customers as possible sources? Or is that somehow an endorsement that […]

The Economist: Not a digital destruction but a digital opportunity

The Economist: Not a digital destruction but a digital opportunity

One of the keys to the digital business model for The Economist online has been to be very careful about trying to grow for the sake of growing, said Deepak Shah, vice president of Marketing Operations, Americas Circulation and The Economist Digital

The Geek Gap

Tricks of the trade: Best online tools and apps for writers

In this third post from the 2012 ASJA Writers Conference, Maria Perez focuses on the latest in online software and mobile apps for research and reporting, and all the ways these tools can improve your productivity and help you promote your work.