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Green Economy 2010

Keeping up with green auto writer Jim Motavalli

Keeping up with green auto writer Jim Motavalli

During the first day of our “Covering the Green Economy” conference, Jim Motavalli led a session to help journalists identify green auto trends. But after he was finished, he jumped right back to work. Motavalli, a green transportation writer for a variety of publications including The New York Times and Mother Nature Network, stayed for the […]

Patrick O'Grady chats about covering the business of the environment

Patrick O’Grady chats about covering the business of the environment

Patrick O’Grady has been a reporter in Arizona for nearly 15 years and currently works for the Phoenix Business Journal covering technology, sustainability and manufacturing.  He has recently won awards for his coverage of the solar industry in Arizona. We spoke with him about his reporting on the green economy and asked his advice for […]

Andrew Leckey Angel Gonzalez

Covering the Green Economy: Self-guided training

“Covering the Green Economy” seminar on June 28-30, 2010. This three-day specialized workshop was made possible by a grant from the McCormick Foundation. The program was designed to help journalists spot greenwashing, understand how to track stimulus money earmarked for “green” initiatives and get up to speed on eco-trends in a variety of industries. The […]

Craig Pittman Book It!

Got hold of a good story? Book it!

Craig Pittman from the St. Petersburg Times came back for the final presentation during lunch.  Pittman is the author of two books, Paving Paradise and Manatee Insanity. Both books originated from a story that he was working on, making him an ideal person to help teach how to turn story ideas in to a book! […]

Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez speaks about the future of big oil after the spill

Angel Gonzalez, Houston bureau chief for Dow Jones Newswires, is a longtime energy reporter who has covered the oil industry for years. He has made two trips to the Gulf Coast since the explosion of a BP deepwater drill in April 2010. He has seen the crisis unfold from economic and environmental standpoints and talked to […]

Shuan McKinnon water journalist

Tracking the toll of development on water from East to West

This session was taught by Shaun McKinnon of the Arizona Republic and Craig Pittman of the St. Petersburg Times, two award-winning reporters. The very first issue addressed, was the fact that water has a much greater economic impact than many people realized.  What made this most interesting was to see two entirely different climates (wetlands […]

Jeff Goodell coal keynote

Jeff Goodell speaks about energy and covering the coal industry

Jeff Goodell, contributing editor at Rolling Stone, contributer to the New York Times Magazine, and author, has covered the coal and energy industries for nearly a decade. Goodell talked to journalists about the challenges and importance of telling the energy stories, in addition to his book, “Our Story: 77 Hours That Tested Our Friendship and Our Faith,” […]


Covering the Green Economy: Photos

Gary Cohn

Gary Cohn talks about taking a local story global

Gary Cohn, a freelance investigative reporter and winner of the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting, spoke to business journalists about taking a local story and making it global. Cohn and his co-worker from the Baltimore Sun, Will Englund, starting to write their Pultizer Prize winning story “The Shipbreakers” as a local story, but quickly […]