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Feb 2, 2009

FBN looks beyond unemployment figures

As 20 companies cut more than 125,000 jobs last week, FOX Business Network looked beyond the numbers and asked an expert to make sense of the existing job market. Joanie Ruge, Senior Vice President at Adecco Group North America said that while the economy is weak and many sectors may continue to lay off workers, there are ample opportunities in both the healthcare and education sectors. These areas will further be helped by an additional government stimulus. Ruge added that while the financial industry has eliminated many positions,  low interest rates have also increased demand for mortgage processors at several banks. 
Ruge encouraged employees who have been laid off to "cast a very wide net" and network as much as possible. With more job cuts inevitably on the horizon, Ruge also had some suggestions for employees who fear their jobs may be cut. She had the following advice that may help some keep their jobs in a volatile environment:
  • Be a problem solver
  • Invest more time at work now
  • Network in and outside the company 
  • Offer to take more responsibility 
  • Think about how you can add more value
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