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January 2011

Stats help Star-Ledger unearth more railroad deaths

Mark Mueller of The Star-Ledger in New Jersey tracked statistics about fatalities in the railroad industry and produced a story with an attention-grabbing lede: “Be it accident or suicide, the

Fortune: Cyberscammer steals $44 million

Luke O’Brien, contributor at Fortune magazine, was doing a Google search when he came across a story in the Nigerian press about a criminal mastermind who is wanted for stealing

Curiosity is the wellspring of great journalism

Binyamin Appelbaum of The New York Times looks into another lending industry that doesn’t play by the same rules as traditional lenders: those who lend money to lawsuit plaintiffs. He

The Washington Post decodes business terms

When you’re on deadline and you need to define business terms quickly (and accurately), sometimes a search engine just isn’t enough. Your Wall Street source just mentioned “open-outcry” in an

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