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May 2011

Covering economics: Resources

By Grant Hannis GOVERNMENT DATA For information on upcoming statistical releases (you can arrange to receive email alerts here, too): National Bureau of Economic Research: ( The most comprehensive site

How to cover economics: An introduction

By Grant Hannis This primer is for the novice economics journalist working at a local media outlet. Your editor is expecting you to know something about economics data and to

Covering economics: Glossary

By Grant Hannis Balance of payments: A financial statement of a country’s economic transactions with the rest of the world, recording income and expenditure. Basis point: 1/100th of 1 percent.

Covering economics: Common mistakes

By Grant Hannis Economics reporters can trip themselves up if they make elementary errors, undermining their credibility in the eyes of both their sources and their audience. Here are some

Covering transportation: Key resources

U.S. airlines were deregulated in 1978. Railroads were deregulated in 1980. Well, not really. While operating ostensibly as private business for three decades, commercial transportation companies are required to disclose

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