Training: Company Intelligence on the Deep Web

by May 20, 2011

The free Webinar, “Beyond Google – Mining the Web for Company Intelligence,” was held May 17-18, 2011. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to complete the self-guided training.

In two hours, learn the tools and techniques that competitive intelligence experts use every day — and that you can use to keep tabs on the companies on your beat.

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Hour One – Mining the Deep Web

  • How to mine social media for insights on a company’s recent missteps, successes and future intentions
  • How to find portals and online communities that align with a company’s customers or their initiatives
  • How to mine HR-oriented sources (job postings, etc.) for company intelligence
  • How to spot potential mergers and acquisitions before they occur
  • How to get information on upcoming products, services or solutions a company is about to launch.

Hour Two – Finding Sources

  • How to identify sources through business networks, such as LinkedIn and Xing
  • How to identify sources through media-sharing sites
  • How to identify sources through Web communities aligned around a topic, product or initiative
  • How to background sources effectively via the Web


Sean Campbell and his colleague Scott Swigart are the principals in Cascade Insights, a competitive-intelligence and market-research firm near Portland, Ore., that serves the technology industry. Before founding Cascade in 2006, the two created and sold 3 Leaf, a technical consultancy that worked for some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Microsoft and Intel. They have spoken at the Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference, Willamette University’s MBA Program, and at various market research association events. Their 2010 e-book, “Going Beyond Google: Gathering Internet Intelligence,” was named a “must-read” among books in 2009-10 by Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals.


You can view the PowerPoints by clicking on the links below. To download and print them, you will be asked to sign up for a free account at a third-party vendor, Slideshare, or you can download them as separate PDFs.

The latest version of Adobe Flash is required to view the Webinar recordings, which will be posted as the sessions conclude. You can download that latest version of Flash for free here.


Take a look through the session recording and resources below. At your own pace, you can access the self-guided lesson on how to find both sources for and hidden news about your companies by mining the Web.