Video: Finding sources on LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora

by May 27, 2011

Watch Sean Campbell’s five-minute video to see a walk-through of how to find sources on Linked In, Twitter and Quora.

Wondering how to find sources on these social media sites: LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora? That was a common question during a Webinar we offered May 17-18 called, “Beyond Google: Mining the Web for Company Intelligence.”


So, we asked the instructor for that Webinar, Sean Campbell, to do a five-minute demonstration video of how to:

Sean Campbell, principal, Cascade Insights

Sean Campbell

Campbell does these sorts of searches and more as a principal in Cascade Insights, a competitive-intelligence firm outside Portland, Ore.

If you’d like to know more about using the techniques of a competitive-intelligence professional to track your companies, check out the two one-hour recordings of his earlier Webinar. You’ll also find his PowerPoints and other resources.

To view any of the Webinar videos, you’ll need Adobe Flash Player software, which you can download for free.

You can also email Campbell with your questions.